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The Wedding Experience

What is it that I believe in? I believe in the real moments, the moments that make you take a look at life in a different perspective. It's in the tiny moments between the ordinary ones that becomes an extraordinary life together. It's the smile that he gives you when he whispers why he loves you or in the warm embrace you get when your wrapped tight in their arms. It's in the love you feel when you tell the story of how he proposed or the way you first met. Its the laughter that results in fully engaging in each others company. These are the moments I live for because I get to be part of them everyday.

For myself love was the first time his hand brushed mine, that's when I finally knew I found my home and I knew nothing would ever be the same. I am beyond blessed every time I get to see his smile even after all the years together. It's the moments of singing in the car together while the music is on high as we're dancing in traffic to the little "I love you" moments he shares with me. 

That's the love I strive to capture with every story I tell: 

Its your love story, your adventure, your I do's!